Banned account from the beginning, even after verification

This week I tried to make an account in Netlify, I connected with my Github but after that I got error messages stating that there was an Authentication problem. Went to my email account and found and email from Netlify stating that I should verify my account. After I did that giving my personal ID, a pop-up message appear stating that there was en error. I finally got an email saying that my account is disabled.

Right now I’m try to use Netlify for educational purposes, that is an achievement in my program that is to deploy an react app. This is a must in the program. How can I enable my account? I need some help with this to continue.


Hi :wave:t6: I’m not seeing that your account is blocked or banned on our platform. Are you still experiencing a login issue? If so can you try the following?

  1. Login to Netlify using the email address and password only.
  1. Once logged into Netlify with the email address and password, then change the GitHub account associated with this email address here: Netlify App
  2. Log out of Netlify.

Once this is done, you should be able to log into Netlify using GitHub or the email address. Both methods of login should work now. If they do not or if there are any other questions, please let us know.

Hi, Good day,

I am having this same issue

hi @Goke :wave:t6: thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community! You can verify your ID through stripe. Can you attempt to sign in again and you should be prompted to submit your ID documents. If you do not want to submit these documents that’s fine but you will need to signup for a pro account.

I submitted my ID …and I got unable to verify ID error message.

You will need to use documentation that is accepted by stripe preferably a passport. Please take a look at the link below of acceptable verification documents.

i checked that already… that is why I used my international passport

From what country are you writing in with? I ask because regardless of strips acceptable country we cannot service certain countries due to restrictions. Please confirm which country you are attempting to access our platform from.

The country is Nigeria

Exactly what am facing.please help by enable my account as well

Hi @Goke and @Bisluv can you share your email with me so I can check?

Hi @Goke and @Bisluv thank you for your patience. We have removed the block on your account. Please let me know if you have any other issues.

Thank you!

Thanks its working now