Azure DevOps + Netlify + Hugo

I am new to Netlify, trying it out. Currently my setup is this:
Azure DevOps +Netlify Extension from store (marketplace.visualstudio. com/items?itemName=aliencube.netlify-cli-extensions)

My Hugo site git can be found there:

When i upload manually or through Azure DevOps site to Netlify, i get that page do not exist…
I am very new to this so i think something is wrong with my config file or netlify file.

If someone could take a look at my project and tell me where to look for an issue that would be cool.

My site:


I managed to get there, now Netlify console gives some output:
5:17:26 PM: Starting post processing
5:17:26 PM: Mixed content detected in: /public/index.html
5:17:26 PM: --> insecure link urls:
5:17:26 PM: - http:// something-fresh org/images/favicon.png
5:17:26 PM: - http:// something-fresh org/css/icons.css
5:17:26 PM: --> insecure script urls:
5:17:26 PM: - http:// something-fresh org/js/fresh.js
5:17:26 PM: - http:// something-fresh org/js/jquery.panelslider.min.js
5:17:26 PM: Post processing done
5:17:27 PM: Site is live

But site still shows page not found…

Solved problem, by selecting public folder as source when deploying from Azure DevOps.
We can close this.

thanks for coming back and reporting your solution!