Automatically retry failed builds without cache


My builds often fail due to problems with the npm cache.
See Busting the `node_modules` cache when certain files change?

Am I able to configure netlify to retry any failed build once while clearing the cache first? That would be a great workaround until a better solution is available.

Hey @bennypowers,

You could use the deploy failed notification and point it to a Netlify Function (as a webhook). Using that Function and Netlify APi inside it, you can trigger another build with clear_cache: true as the API body which would do what you need.

P.S.: You can try using developer tools to inspect the API call made by our UI to the API to see how it can be done exactly.

This sounds really good.

Is there a way to inspect the changed files for a build such that:

before build:
  if any files changed under `/patches/*`, clear the cache
   then start the build


You can write a shell script or a Node.js script to check for the diff as you see fit and then delete the cache using:

(the remove method will help).

I’m not sure how robust this would be for your use case, but worth a try.