Authentication Error During Signup with No Follow Up Email

I was trying to sign up Netlify with GitHub account (email: in my classroom, but my ID card is not by my side, so I decided to try again later after class and closed the registration. But later when I tried to sign-in again and re-verify it says:

Authentication Error

Authenticating failed due to the following error: Your account requires additional verification. Please check your email and follow the instructions to verify your account.

but no additional email about verification is sent to me, and the original verify link says:

We were unable to verify your identity and reinstate your Netlify account.

The Ask Netlify bot don’t work out for me because it requires a login (I couldn’t complete my registration), and the (seems automated) support email reply tells me to ask for help here. Can somebody please help me?

Hiya :wave:t6: welcome to the forums and thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear you’ve had issues authenticating your ID. I am sending your query to our helpdesk. Please stay tuned to your email.

Thanks for your reply! It’s really nice of you. Don’t mean to offend but, will there be an exact or approximate date or time about when would I get that email?

Hi :wave:t6: not offended no worries. Looks like the team reactivated your account eight minutes ago and sent you an email. :+1:t6:

Thanks! I did get the email and it did help! Thanks again!

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