Authentication Error during log in

I’m trying to log into my netlify account with my GitHub just like always and i get this error message…

" Authenticating failed due to the following error: *message: Validation of User failed. summary: The following errors were found: Onboarding progress illegal key resolution: Try persisting the document with valid data or remove the validations.

When i try to reset my password using my email, I get this error again…

“Onboarding progress illegal key”

I’ve got all my projects hosted and i need to access them at the moment but nothing is working.,

Hi, @Mykel. Thank you for reporting this. We’re working on a fix for this now and we’ll be updating this topic again shortly when the fix is live.

HI, @Mykel. We have made a change that should allow the login to succeed now.

Would you please test logging in again and let us know if you still see an error?

Thank you @luke for the response.

I’m logged in now.

Thank you for confirming, @Mykel. :+1: