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API response issues, something to do with proxy maybe?

Users are having an issue with network requests sometimes not returning anything until they clear their cache or browser data.
I have finally re-created it and looked at the network request, and the only differences I see are that the NON-working response headers include x-bb-proxy: https://tta-2020.herokuapp.com/[whatevertherouteis], along with an x-bb-proxy-version
Also the date is multiple days old in the non-working browser, and in the working browser the date of the response is pretty much exactly when i refreshed the page.
Also the working responses have a “via: 1.1 vegur” property.

It leads me to believe it’s something to do with the proxying Netlify is doing with my _redirect routes maybe, or something else causing it to not actually get new data, and somehow the old data is empty?
Here’s an image:

It only happens sometimes though and I can’t seem to find the cause. I turned off caching on my express server just to make sure.

Hi, @andrewinge. Has the issue continued since you removed the caching for the express server?

Luke, yes it has. I thought it was going to fix it, but once I realized it didn’t, I came here.

Hi, @andrewinge. I see you have created a support ticket for this. I have replied to that ticket now.

If there are further questions, please reply to either the ticket or here, whichever you prefer.