API_ERROR: Update is not a fast forward

I have site on github connected to netlify, i am new to this all know nothing to fix the issue-whenever i try to upload an article the error appears-API_ERROR: Update is not a fast forward.
My Site is recently approved by ezoic i have changed the DNS servers from netlify to exoic in domain registrar… the website was working fine but know this issue is occurring.

I already have performed few things as follow to fix this but nothing worked.

  1. Disabled GitGateway and enabled it again.
  2. Cleared browsing cache.
  3. I recently turned ezoic catch on, yesterday i turned that off-thinking that this may be the problem as i am facing the issue from the same day- but know after 12 hours after turning ezoic catch off the problem is as it is.

Anyone have solution?

Are you trying to upload an article using the Netlify API?

If your site is connected to GitHub, then all changes need pushing to the repository.

I checked that, I already pulled and pushed all the changes.

Can you explain how you are uploading an article and how/where you see the error?

Not only article whenever i change anything i click publish this issue appears

This is most likely the reason. If you change DNS back to Netlify and the issue resolves itself, then you will have confirmed having the site through Ezoic is the cause. If that is the case, I suspect there is no solution other than not using Ezoic.

Ok i will try this thanks

This is about Decap CMS not Netlify: Decap CMS | Open-Source Content Management System. Please contact them.

While I agree this has nothing to do with Netlify, I don’t agree this has anything to do with Decap (formerly Netlify) CMS. I believe this is entirely to do with the Ezoic integration OP is using.