Analytics stop to work, suddenly

So I suddenly noticed this issue this evening.

Issue: Analytics not tracking nothing at all.
Description: I can see a drop in the traffic, literally to the floor ( I will attach an image ).
Question: What do we here?


To see this big images, I recommend to open on a new tab to see them big as the screen.
30 days:



I would like to know if I have to do something from my end…or is it just something that happens?
Let me know if you need more information, I will happy to provide.

Thank you so much.


Hey Mike,

thank you for this. This is indeed unexpected behaviour. I am going to chat with the team responsible for analytics and we will get back to you with some information on this as soon as we are able to do so. Thank you for your patience, I do realize this is frustrating.

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Could you let us know when you renamed your site from gifted-antelope-58b104 to colorsandfonts ? Might be related to things hanging and we don’t have an audit log on changes like that so hopefully you can relate when you changed it to help us troubleshoot :slight_smile:

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No worries Perry. I am very patiente. :- )

Well,…I am not very sure, but quiet a while ago. It was the day I left Firebase…let me have a look if I have something on my side notes.

I would say it has been january 1 or 2 acording to my Tweets.

I bought the Analytics service for two sites yesterday and it’s just stuck with no data to show at all. It’s been almost 24 hours now.

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It might be a general issue…let’s wait and see what they say.

Same happening here, had a few visits logged in yesterday but since then absolutely nothing. Any updates about this ?

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It would be amazing to get an update actually.

@Dorkside, @fabsh - can you please tell me which sites this is concerning so we can look into it? many thanks, and i know you are frustrated, i would be too.

We are collecting these individual reports and we’ll have a chance to talk to the analytics team tomorrow about this issue. I know that you are (rightly) annoyed and feeling a little impatient - after all, you want the product to work as expected. We never want you to have this kind of experience.

But because analytics effects thousands and thousands (and thousands, probably) of paying customers, we do need to do the due diligence and talk to the right people and find a solution to this problem for everyone.

We feel sure that we are NOT losing any data, and that this is just an issue with how the data is being displayed. I ask that you give us just a little more time to investigate, and we will get back to you with honesty & accountability when we have more info.

thank you again for your patience, and we are trying our best, promise!

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I actually thought you were loosing data. In that case, I am not in a rush.

Thank you Perry and have a great day.

Watching this post as I’m experiencing the same issue as well. Last entry on the graph was 2 days ago.

Is this a site wide issue?

no, it is not. it is specific to only some sites. Can you tell us your site name, please?

The site name is “pse-lookup”

I seem to be having a similar issue on site jacepro

The two sites affected for me are fabsh and privatecitizen.

Hi everyone: I have just posted a notice here:

With more information. I am going to close this thread to keep conversation in one place, but feeback and comments are welcome on the new thread linked above. thanks.

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