ALL SSR Pages Are Failing with the same error

Problem Url example:

I have a website that I’m building locally then then deploying using the CLI. The website is partially statically generated and partially SSR. Recently all of the pages that use SSR have suddenly started producing the error code below stating some files are missing. It all works locally but on the live site it fails. The error is very vague so it’s hard to guage what’s wrong. Any idea?

Howdy @DiddlyDanq :cowboy_hat_face:

I tested several routes including the one that I found based on the internal ID from your screenshot,, and they all resolved without errors. It looks like you able to self-resolve the issue. Do you still need help?

The issue is resolved. Deleting my local .netlify and .next folders before rebuilding seemed to do the trick. I gather it was including stale or corrupt data.