All builds fail after 30 seconds, even previously successful ones

Hey guys,

When I deployed our Vue SPA ( last night, I noticed the deploy (which usually takes 2-4 minutes) was taking 10+ minutes at the time and still going, so I cancelled it, but the behaviour persisted, eventually failing due to timeouts after 30 minutes if left to it’s own devices.

I found this odd, as the changes I was deploying weren’t anything impressive, and I noticed one build complaining about getting packages from github and github was having some problems at the moment, so I chalked it up to that.

But now we’re a day later, github’s problems are fixed, but my Netlify deploys still run for 30 minutes before failing. What’s more, if I force a redeploy of a previously working commit/deploy, it fails after 30 minutes as well.

TL;DR: I haven’t changed any Netlify configuration, but even previously working commits/deploys run for 30 minutes before failing.

Anyone have any insights or experience with a similar problems? Thx

Screenshot of previously successful build failing:

Hey @Buldit,

First thing to check would be whether the site builds locally successfully or not. Steps relating to this can be found in our debugging site builds doc.

Hey @Pie,

The site builds locally without a hitch, has no problems building in CI, and as you can see in the screenshot I included in the OP, even redeploying the last successful commit (that took 2m57s to complete) now fails after running for 30 minutes. Redeploy with force clear cache gives the same result.

I’m also confident that nothing has changed in the deploy setting / other netlify setting in the last months, so I’m not sure what could be causing this, the project has been deploying without a hitch for over a year I think.

can you post or link us to a deploy log of one of your failed builds please?