After deploy nextjs site shows 404 for all routes

when i deploy my project manually after build it locally, it works fine.
the problem is when i try to deploy from bitbucket repo, processing build finish then when i preview the production deploy, it shows 404 for every route.

i downloaded the production files and i didn’t find any html for the routes in the build root dir, when i compared these files with some working project deployed files, i found that my deployed html files are not exist.

my netlify site name:

i’m using the default build and deploy setting and i’m using two environment variables: NETLIFY_NEXT_PLUGIN_SKIP = true
NPM_FLAGS = --force

Hi @mostafa_elbanna,

You’re not doing a Next.js static HTML build (your build command does not have next export), so I’m not sure why you added this variable:

i tried so many solutions and that was one of them, anyway it wasn’t work without this variable.

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