Adding fourth-level domain as custom domain fails

I’m building a website for a research group at Columbia University and we’ve been assigned a fourth-level domain from the university. I’ve asked them to set up a CNAME record pointing to our Netlify address.

Adding the address as a custom domain on Netlify fails with the error custom_domain is owned by the other account. I’m fairly confident that nobody has ever tried to build a Netlify site at the same address, but perhaps there are other sites ending in hosted by Netlify and this is causing issues?

Is there a way to get this resolved?

That check is intended to protect the other users of domains - someone else must have arrived first and we check “all the way up the chain”. That other configuration seemed wrong so I removed it which allows the application of that name to your site, since I can see your CNAME pointing there.

SSL certificate will hopefully arrive soon.

Thanks, it looks like everything is working now!