Adding a password to my dev environment subdomain


i have a main domain let’s say

i currently have a master branch on github that is deployed on the main domain

i use netlify for deployment of my website

i also have a dev branch where i deploy all new changes to my website to review them live before deplyong on the main branch. this dev branch is deployed on a subdomain managed by netlify lets say

i want to restrict access to this dev subdomain with a password so that only me and my team could see this dev branch deployed on the sub domain. i want a simple password, it can be a unique password for everyone in the team. no login needed. i want a very quick win solution. so that all deploys before deploying on master branch linked to main domain is not available to the public.

how do i do this ?

Thanks a lot for your help =)

hi there, you can add a password quite easily to parts of your site:

that said, this is not a feature that is available on starter tier plans, you might have to look into a 3rd party solution like auth0 or similar for that.