Added files to make my site full-stack and now it won't build/deploy

The error:

Everything worked until I added the backend files to the site. I don’t know how to configure the build and deploy. This is my first time attempting to host a full-stack site and I’m completely bewildered. I read all the docs and I honestly feel more confused. Sorry if this question is very vague, I’m really lost and would ask a better question if I knew how.

hi, welcome can you try changing the build command to npm run build? Also sharing the full build log and the name of the site that fails to build would be helpful!
I can only share one screenshot per message.

thank you for your help

It says “missing script build”. Your package.json doesn’t have a build command, you need to add one there.

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Could you show me an example of what that should look like?

  "scripts": {
    "build": "vite build"

It’s a pretty common setup for almost any site builder using Node.js. Depending on your tool, the command would differ, but that’s how it looks.

I had to create a new site after updating the package-json this is the site name luminous-salamander-55ca2c. The build step works, but now an error in initialization.

It’s a problem with your package.json, not Netlify.