Add to redirect file using CMS?

We use the redirects file to create vanity urls for the podcasts we advertise on.

we do something like this on the file.

/podcastName      /?utm_source=Podcast&utm_medium=Radio&utm_campaign=PodcastName&utm_term=genre&utm_content=

This way we can give listeners an easy url to visit and still have UTM attributions. Problem is I have to manually update this file a couple times a month. I would like to offload this to Marketing to update as they need to, but without actually touching the redirects file because there’s some other redirects we do there that has nothing to do with the podcasts URLs.

My questions are:
Is there a way to dynamically create redirects?
Has anyone setup a CMS to edit this file? We’re currently on Bitbucket.
Is this something Edge Handlers could help with?

Thank you!

Hiya @angie and welcome to our community!


  • there is no way to dynamically create redirects; they are frozen at deploy time and will always be the same for that deploy.
  • that file is not a good one to manage with the CMS since it is not in a format the CMS supports. You could build it programatically, during build, from another system that marketing can add things to - since you can make outgoing API calls to other services that may be more marketing-friendly than PR’s on GitHub…

Thanks for your reply!

I ended up creating a form and using the Bitbucket API! It still requires us to approve the PR, but it works for now.

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