Add support for Cloudflare Turnsile (reCaptcha Alternative)

Some time ago Cloudflare announce Turnsile - A Google ReCaptcha alternative.
It’s currently in beta. It has a similar UX to ReCaptcha, but it seems to be faster.
Cloudflare claims it’s a more user-friendly and privacy preserving alternative.
Would be great if we could choose between ReCaptcha, hCaptcha and Turnsile for Netlify Forms.

Docs: Cloudflare Turnstile · Cloudflare Turnstile docs

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Thank you for this feedback! I’ve filed a feature request but I cannot give a timeline for release at this time.


any updates on this feature request? Is this the right place to look for future updates on it?

no unfortunately there is not. :confused:

and watching this thread is the best place to see when there is one, right?