Add Chatbot to my netlify website?

Hi, new to netlify. The integration looks great. We are exploring to add a chatbot to the website, that could answer the questions from the website’s content. Ideally, the chatbot could be automatically updated when we deploy a new version with new content. Did not see any in the integration. wix marketplace has a few. need to further check, but wix looks not have the same triggering mechanism like netlify to call the integration automatically at deploy time.

Search “netlify chat” on, only find a few, netlify-plugin-chatbees - npm looks interesting. wonder why none of them are in the integration?


The integration developers need to contact us: Technology Partner Program | Netlify to get thier plugins listed in the Integration Hub.

Thanks @hrishikesh for the reply! I pinged the developer. They said they had applied 2 weeks ago. Just curious, how long it takes for them to get their plugin listed?

Should not take that long. I’ll try pining the team internally.

@JK2024 I’d be interested in what chatbot providers you have evaluated that would make good Netlify integrations.

Edit: to have their integration listed, we would want Chatbees to migrate their build plugin to an SDK integration. To be in the integration hub, they need to be a technology partner. They can find more info here.