About Localhost wordpress to netlify graphql error

Hello, I have created a WordPress web locally and I am following this tutorial, How to Migrate WordPress Sites to Jamstack: Tutorial + Video Guide I want to migrate my web to Netlify, I am getting this error when I use npm run develop,

Used this in Gatsby :



  • @type {import(‘gatsby’).GatsbyConfig}
    module.exports = {
    plugins: [
    resolve: ‘gatsby-source-graphql’,
    options: {
    typeName: ‘WPGraphQL’,
    fieldName: ‘wpgraphql’,
    url: ‘http://localhost:10004/graphql’,

Errors are as follows :

npm run develop

gatsby-starter-hello-world@0.1.0 develop
gatsby develop

success compile gatsby files - 8.205s
success load gatsby config - 0.059s
success load plugins - 1.266s
success onPreInit - 0.002s
success initialize cache - 0.525s
success copy gatsby files - 0.825s
success Compiling Gatsby Functions - 1.351s
success onPreBootstrap - 1.435s


“gatsby-source-graphql” threw an error while running the
createSchemaCustomization lifecycle:

Could not obtain introspection result, received: {“errors”:[{“message”:“GraphQL
introspection is not allowed, but the query contained __schema or
],“extensions”:{“debug”:[{“type”:“DEBUG_LOGS_INACTIVE”,“message”:“GraphQL Debug
logging is not active. To see debug logs, GRAPHQL_DEBUG must be enabled.”}]}}

95 | let sdl = await cache.get(cacheKey);
96 | if (!sdl) {

97 | introspectionSchema = await
| ^
98 | sdl = printSchema(introspectionSchema);
99 | } else {
100 | introspectionSchema = buildSchema(sdl);

File: node_modules\gatsby-source-graphql\gatsby-node.js:97:29

Error: Could not obtain introspection result, received: {“errors”:[{“message”:
“GraphQL introspection is not allowed, but the query contained __schema or __t
,“extensions”:{“debug”:[{“type”:“DEBUG_LOGS_INACTIVE”,“message”:“GraphQL Debug
logging is not active. To see debug logs, GRAPHQL_DEBUG must be enabled.”}]}}

  • introspect.js:12 getSchemaFromIntrospection

  • introspect.js:27

  • task_queues:95 processTicksAndRejections

  • gatsby-node.js:97 Object.exports.createSchemaCustomization

  • api-runner-node.js:509 runAPI

success createSchemaCustomization - 1.810s
success Checking for changed pages - 0.001s
success source and transform nodes - 0.108s
success building schema - 0.543s
success createPages - 0.006s
success createPagesStatefully - 0.317s
info Total nodes: 25, SitePage nodes: 2 (use --verbose for breakdown)
success Checking for changed pages - 0.001s
success write out redirect data - 0.003s
success onPostBootstrap - 0.003s
info bootstrap finished - 29.689s
success onPreExtractQueries - 0.003s
success extract queries from components - 0.529s
success write out requires - 0.035s
warn Browserslist: caniuse-lite is outdated. Please run:
npx update-browserslist-db@latest
Why you should do it regularly:

You can now view gatsby-starter-hello-world in the browser.


View GraphiQL, an in-browser IDE, to explore your site’s data and schema


Note that the development build is not optimized.
To create a production build, use gatsby build

success Building development bundle - 26.339s
success Writing page-data.json and slice-data.json files to public directory -
0.624s - 2/2 3.21/s

@Dev_Design_Works The tutorial that you’re following is from 2020, I’d imagine it’s quite dated and you’re likely to run into all kinds of issues.

You may want google around and see if you can find a more recent tutorial to achieve what you’re trying to do.

I already tried but found no solution yet. Secondly, I’ve been searching for website creation tools, but haven’t found one that allows building without coding. Can you guide me on how to create a website without needing to learn JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, They should be able to do the backend of the website as well. Ideally, I’d like to use software that generates a fully functional website compatible with deployment on Netlify.

@Dev_Design_Works You’ll need to search around yourself.

I don’t use no-code solutions, so I cannot give recommendations on no-code solutions.

Here’s a list in a reddit thread from last year:


If none of those suit your specific requirements, then perhaps one doesn’t exist.