Ability to set base directory when linking to a new repository

We are in the process of migrating our codebase to a monorepo.

Linking to a new repository is cumbersome because I am unable to specify a base directory at the point of linking to the new repository, and this causes a build to start that will inevitably fail.

Even trying to stop the build prior to linking the new repo forces me to attempt a deploy.

Being able to set the base directory at this point would be nice, especially if we ever decide to change the structure of the code, or move more projects into the monorepo.

Hey @henry_earlytrade,
Thanks for writing in about this one. We have an open feature request for this and I’ve added this post to it. We’ll update here if there’s movement!

For others who find this post, please heart or chime in to voice support and we will note that in the internal feature request as well.

I hooked up a new repo today and this is still an issue.

@henry_earlytrade , @raae , and any one else reading this - we now have a base directory setting when building from a subdirectory or monorepo!

More here: Build from a subdirectory or monorepo | Netlify Docs