502s on functions


I think as of sometime last week, my existing deploy is throwing cryptic errors.

App Name: tape-sh

Requests respond with:

  "errorMessage": "RequestId: 08a63abf-340c-42d7-83e0-76d6a74c3cc7 Error: Runtime exited with error: signal: aborted (core dumped)",
  "errorType": "Runtime.ExitError"

looking at the function logs I get

12:23:00 PM: /var/lang/bin/node[9]: ../src/node_http_parser_impl.h:529:static void node::{anonymous}::Parser::Initialize(const v8::FunctionCallbackInfo<v8::Value>&): Assertion `args[3]->IsInt32()' failed.

Please note I have not changed anything since a working deploy back in Sep. This is very strange!

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To add to this, I suspect this has something to do with custom headers passed in requests. I’m still very disappointed that this happened, with no code or environment change, my prod site stops working.

Hi, @edamame. Just because you didn’t change your function code doesn’t mean that your function code doesn’t change.

This is node function and likely depends on many other npm packages. What I can tell you is that we didn’t cause the change to your function and that it did definitely change in some way.

You can see the last time a function was deployed here:


Our service will not redeploy functions unless the checksum of the bundle changes. These functions were redeployed today so this definitely means they did change in some way. Again, my best guess is that this is caused by a change in one of the packages in your function’s dependency tree.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

@luke I’m aware that Node/JS is a dynamic language. My recent deployments were to try and fix the issue. I deployed because it was broken, not the other way round.

You can see that I attempted a redeploy yesterday, but the last deployment was way back in September. The functions started erroring out some time last week.

Hey @edamame,

I’ve spotted a handful of 502s over the last 30 days and shared my findings in your Helpdesk ticket (43916).

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