502 error on git lfs push

git push

On my repo yields…

batch response: Fatal error: Server error: https://e48f8761-55f0-436f-a7a9-0fd5ab2d400c.netlify.app/.netlify/large-media/objects/batch from HTTP 502

This is for this repo: GitHub - PeacefulScience/peacefulscience.org: hugo website

Solution was to run this:

netlify lm:info

And then git push again.

Hi, @swamidass. I don’t think that command solved the issue. That command makes no changes so running it could not have been the solution. I’m following up here to help avoid confusion about what the actual solution is.

My best guess is that the source command printed by netlify lm:install command was not run and that is why the Git credential helper didn’t work. Here is an example of the source command from another topic:

   │                                                                        │
   │   Run this command to use Netlify Large Media in your current shell    │
   │                                                                        │
   │   source /Users/jack/Library/Preferences/netlify/helper/path.zsh.inc   │
   │                                                                        │

Not running that command prevented the current shell from having the Git credential helper installed. Then, later, a new shell was opened. As the source command is automatically added to the shell configuration files (like .bash_profile or .zshrc) the newly created shell instance did have the Git credential helper.

To summarize, I think opening a new shell is what got it working as the netlify lm:info command doesn’t change anything.

If there are other questions or comments, please feel free to reply here anytime.

Something appears to be going on with netlify, I’m getting similarly unexpected 502s sometimes, working other times:

I think i used the same shell,…so this seems more likely?

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@yeastplume, we have followed up with you on the thread you linked above! We don’t believe this thread is related.

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