404 status code on all pages but pages are rendering

I’m getting 404 status code on all pages. I’ve just made this website live:


And this is my first website on Netlify. This website is a nuxt js website. I did not realize the preview site was doing the site thing.


I have not seen any build errors and I have not seen this locally with this when I run :slight_smile:

# build for production and launch server
$ yarn build
$ yarn start

# generate static project
$ yarn generate

Any idea why I'm getting these 404 status codes while the pages actually work?

hi there,

the reason you are seeing your pages but also getting a 404 is that the 404 isn’t on the index itself, but on some kind of (most likely) dynamic route parameter you are also fetching somewhere.

If you open up the developer pane, for example in chrome, and mouse over the 404 (I wasn’t able to get a screenshot, sorry)

you’ll see the 404 is actually coming from https://electronictheatre.com/:1. The :1 is the culprit. Not sure where you are asking for that path in your app, but it clearly doesn’t exist. often, colons indicate some kind of dynamic route parameter but your cause may be different. Hunt that colon down and you’ll be able to make this go away. :+1: