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Hi i deploy my SAP in netlify https://oyl-indumentaria.netlify.app/ (i m using react) i create the file_redirects but still having 404 page not found when going to “PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES”

@LuliWerner If you find it’s not working, this usually indicates that either:

  • The contents of the _redirects file is wrong
  • You’ve got the _redirects file in the wrong position, and it’s not being seen by Netlify

You have to make sure the file ends up in your Publish directory.

Many build systems clear out the directory that the site builds into, so you cannot just place the file into it, you need to ensure the file is in whatever folder the build system sources static assets from (often called static or public etc), so that it ends up in the Publish directory once the build is complete.

The easiest way to check/confirm what’s occurring is to run your Build command locally and then check the files that it produces.

@LuliWerner You could try checking what I’ve advised before trying to refute my advice :slight_smile:

You aren’t the first person I’ve assisted that is adamant what they’ve already done is correct, only to find they’ve made a mistake somewhere.

It’s surprisingly easy to make subtle mistakes as a developer.

the issue was that that at the beginning your response show empty and i was just letting you know

@LuliWerner Sorry, that makes sense, probably just a glitch with the Discourse forum, and because I edited it very rapidly after posting.

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