404 error on folder in linked github repo

Site name: taupe-kitsune-d0a191.netlify.app/

Hello! I have a website deployed to Netlify using a GitHub repo (GitHub - DawnlightDev/Dawnlight-Dev-Website: A repository for my website!). The problem is, the JavaScript file blogposts.js works just fine on my local server and acts as intended by getting the blog-posts folder from the repository and parsing through it, but for some reason, after I deployed the website to Netlify, it returns the blog-posts directory as a 404 when it returns a 304 on my local server. How can I resolve this issue when on both servers the file structure is the exact same?

I’m not seeing any 404s on your site. How can I reproduce?

if you go to this page: Mahou Shoujo Monogatari Dev Logs | Dawnlight Dev, and open the browser developer console, it shows the GET request as a 404 for the blog-posts page, which causes it not to display its contents on that page

You are trying to fetch /blog-posts which is a directory. You can’t fetch posts like they’re on your file system.

I’m a bit new to JS, so how exactly would I go about fixing that?