307 Temporary Redirect does not work anymore

Site: https://bergwerk-next.netlify.app/

We have a few 307 redirects on our site which no longer work. With the redirect /text-konzept/ I set a 302 status code as a test, now the redirect works again.


/backend /jobs/backend-entwicklung/ 307
/text-konzept /jobs/text-und-konzept/ 302

In the past, the 307 redirects have worked without problems.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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Hey @marvinhuebner,

That’s very, very odd. Were these 307s configured in your _redirects file?

I only ask because we’ve never supported 307s (or 303s), with the exception of those handled by your browser because of our HSTS settings (but still, you cannot invoke these).

We support 301 and 302 rules which explains why the 302 works! :smile:

Okay, that explains a lot. But 307 redirects have definitely worked. I’ve now changed all 307s into 302s.

And yes, they were simply configured in the _redirects file.

Hey @marvinhuebner,

The only 307s we can facilitate are those in the browser – there’s nothing backend to support them in any other additional means. However, I am glad that you’ve found a resolution!