100 or 1000 free MBs per month

Hello - I have just one site and am trying to understand the progress at the top of this image. It seems that 86 of 100 MB have been used. How are these counted? How are these used?

Also notice that the progress bar at the top of the bandwidth one looks very small compared to the Build Minutes Used.


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It says 86MB of 100GB

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and here is a little more on build minutes:

let us know if you have any more specific questions.

@coelmay @perry Thanks, then I guess there is something hardcoded in the progress bar above on the top of the bandwidth card and hopefully that helps Netlify keep its site up-to-date.

56 minutes used is about 18% of 300 total minutes

( 56 / 300 ) * 100 = 18.6666666667%

so the marker is in the right position (see below)

With the Bandwidth a gigabyte is 10 ^ 3 megabytes and 100GB is 10 ^ 2 gigabytes. So 86MB is such a small number it is near impossible to represent it on a bar hence why it is barely visible on the dashboard.

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