1 or 2 pages do not render without refreshing the page

My url is: https://alwaysonthego.netlify.app

My app renders correctly initially. On login, once the user is authenticated, it takes them to their homepage/profile but none of the data shows on the page, the fields(Truck name, Schedule, etc) are shown, but the values for the fields are blank. The homepage only renders if you refresh the page, then all values for each field are shown.
Also, when submitting a rating for one of the food trucks, everything works correctly, I am redirected back to the root page ("/"). However when I go to search for another food truck, an all white screen appears, the url is correct but the page is blank.
So far I have:

  • Added an htaccess file
    -Added a _redirect file
    -Made sure my index.html is in the root path
    -Made sure I was using /build
    -Added a homepage

hi there, is this relevant at all?