YARN_FLAGS env variable being ignored

Based on this: build-image/run-build-functions.sh at focal · netlify/build-image · GitHub, I don’t think we’re actually using the flag. I’m also getting it confirmed with the developers, but at the moment I’m not seeing us using ignore-optional flag by default anywhere in the code-base.

Are you seeing it cause problems?

Hmm that’s weird. Yeah I think typedoc is not installed so I strongly suspect an issue with optional dependencies.

Hey @eric-burel,

I’ve filed an issue here:

But to help with the investigation, could you share a repo with reproduction?

Hey @eric-burel,

We heard back from the team and found out that ignore-optional flag is only set on Yarn version 0.18.1. You can see more details about it in the above issue. So if you’re seeing this issue, we’d ned a reproduction to test.