Wildcard support for my Application

site name: frosty-johnson-78215a.netlify.app
how I can get wildcard support for my app?. I want to have a custom domain for every new company user.

Forenax is a user. and after registration, it can have forenax.smiels.com. right now I have to create a domain alias to make it work.

You’re probably looking for something like this:

If you’re already on the Pro Plan, the Support team will enable it for your website.

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Hi Hrishikesh,
Thank you for your reply. Yes, they will help me :slight_smile: waiting for them to do it.

hi @sohaibahsan007, when you mention that you are waiting for the support team to do it, do you mean that you already have a ticket open with the helpdesk :thinking:?

Hi Perry,
I have sent a request to support. Hope so will get a reply back. if there is anything else I need to do please guide me.

Hi, @sohaibahsan007. We replied on the support ticket.

Hi, @luke i have made www.smiels.com as my primary domain. can you please review now?.