What gets stored in the Build Cache?

How does Netlify determine what gets cached in the build process? The build step of my static site writes files to the node_modules/.cache/ folder - does Netlify save the state of this folder at the end of the build step? Or should I be using @netlify/cache-utils instead and point that at the node_modules/.cache folder?
Thanks for any info!

This will help: GitHub - netlify-labs/netlify-plugin-debug-cache: Debug & verify the contents of your Netlify build cache

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Thank you - I tried that but no cache-output.json file was generated in my build. And even having that output file doesn’t necessarily explain how Netlify determines what to cache.

hi @steelwool ,

i wonder if this is interesting for you:

it’s not a perfect answer to your question, but may contain some useful information.

Thank you, I’l take a look.

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