Vuetify Button Fab not appearing the same on netlify as on my local environment

I need advice to debug deploy

I have added vuetify to add a fab button to take the page to top.
on my local environment it just look and work as expected.
once I commited my changes on master I found different result on netlify.
so on my local environment, it look like this.

on netlify, look on the left side and squared

ny help on this issue is appreciated


Hi @ijelliti and welcome to our community!

First thing I usually suggest that people check is: “did we build the site in a different way than your local?” Usually we serve what we built, so you’ll probably want to be debugging your build instead, as described in this doc: [Support Guide] Debugging Netlify site builds

The easiest way to tell if this is the case is to download a copy of your latest deploy from the icon shown in my screenshot on its deploy logs page:


and see if the files are different than a copy of your local build for the same commit.