Urgent, getting Page Not Found error for user in New Zealand

Site is working fine for me here in California, but I’m getting a user in New Zealand who just shared the following screenshot and is unable to access our app.

Site URL: https://blissful-fermi-c61e15.netlify.app

Please help!

Another customer in Australia just reported the same thing happening intermittently. No other customers in other geographies have reported the error.

I followed the instructions here: [Support Guide] I’ve deployed my site but I still see "Page not found”. I downloaded the last deploy and it indeed has an index.html file. I just redeployed the site again in case something happened with that previous deploy, but I think this is regional given that it’s only impacting certain customers.

Prior to re-deploying just now, I saw the same error showing up in my Netlify Admin snapshot (see below). Now that I’ve just redeployed the site, the error snapshot is gone when I look in my Netlify Admin.

I’m hoping there was simply something corrupt in the previous deploy, but this app has been up and running for 2.5 years of regular deploys and this has never happened until today.

@policenauts I checked it when you first put your post up, but couldn’t be sure what I was supposed to be seeing.

I’m in Australia, and I just see a white page.

There’s a few console logs and a 404 for /dateUtils.js

@nathanmartin thanks for responding - sorry for the confusion, the blank screen is to be expected as it’s an app embedded within Shopify so it doesn’t load the UI unless it authorizes the user as being within their Shopify account.

I’m waiting to get feedback from those customers today if the redeploy I did last night fixed it. Regardless, I’m still confused though as to why this would only be happening intermittently in certain regions.

Excellent, well it’s certainly intermittent then.

Every time I’ve checked, (including mashing ‘refresh’), I’ve been served the blank page.

@policenauts can you share a HAR file so we can investigate further?

Thank you both. @SamO I can do this, but after I redeployed my site on Feb 15th, the problem seems to have gone away. I would have needed my customers to capture the HAR file in real time while they were experiencing the Page Not Found errors, right?

Not necessarily. We can check the traffic from days prior in our systems the specific incident isn’t necessary.