Unable to build, build failing

Hi there, this isn’t a problem relating to build plugins specifically, correct? I’m going to move this post out of the build plugins category in that case.

The problem is undeniably this:

7:40:27 AM: Failed to compile.

7:40:27 AM: ./src/components/Home.js
7:40:27 AM: Cannot find file './recentWorksInPortfolio' in './src/components'.
7:40:27 AM: npm
7:40:27 AM: ERR! code ELIFECYCLE
7:40:27 AM: npm ERR! errno 1
7:40:27 AM: npm

the build can’t complete successffully as this file isn’t found.

Now, i can’t say why not, but if you fix this you will have a much better chance of things working.

Often these issues are related to path issues or case sensitivity, especially if the project builds locally: