Trying Forms on React deploy

Hi, @CristianVogel. First, if you do go over your build minutes limit this month, please let us know and we will waive the charge this time. However, I’m also going to ask you for a favor. (You can say “no” of course and we will still waive any build minutes charges.)

I think this may actually be something different on just your local system and not an issue at Netlify at all. In other words, this is your code causing this, not ours.

I tested your form submission here and it worked the very first time I tested it:

If you check your form submissions you will see one with an email address of and a name of Netlify 2022-01-23 Test. I made that submission using Chrome and the URL above.

You should see that submission here:

In other words, I do think you have fixed it.

However, I do also believe that it is not working for you locally. So, why doesn’t it work for you?

Your site uses a service worker. This is a screenshot of the browser devtools information for your site:

My best guess is that this service worker caused an older version of your form code to be cached locally for you and it will start working on your system once you clear your local service worker. We have a support guide with more information about this here:

Note, that isn’t a service worker Netlify made. Your code is creating the service worker so if it is the root cause of this issue it is definitely not Netlify’s fault.

Again, if clearing your local service worker fixes this issue, I make the following requests which constitute my “favor” mentioned above. First, would you please re-read your post above this? Also, in the future, would you please consider being more gracious and patient with the people providing you with free technical support? We don’t ever deserve to be treated in that way but especially not if it was your code causing the issue all along.

Now, I also admit I could be wrong. If clearing the service worker this doesn’t fix the issue, please send us a HAR recording of the issue occurring. A HAR recording will contain all the information required to troubleshoot this.

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