[Support Guide] Static assets not loading on sites where Asset Optimization is enabled

Last Reviewed by Netlify Support Staff Sep 2023

Because the internet is made up of of countless internet providers, proxies, gateways, etc. there can be conditions where some of them have been configured to block content. While very rare, it’s possible for this issue to occur in ways that can block assets on your site - or anyone’s site.

If you have a subset of users that are not able to load your site’s JS or CSS assets it might be this issue. It’s useful to first report the issue to us via this thread. Because we don’t control those third-party systems we are unlikely to be able to resolve the issue but knowing the impact helps us understand and assess the impact of that third-party system. Then, one known step to mitigate is disabling Asset Optimization if your site uses it. Disabling and verifying might resolve this issue if their location was somehow blocked by this third-party.

If the assets are still not loading, please share your site details in the thread below and our team will help to debug further.

Note that there are other reasons asset optimization could entirely fail to produce the results you are looking for, reliably, for all visitors. That’s not what this thread is about - perhaps you are looking for something like:

Hi, I haven’t hosted the site to the public yet, so it’s likely not an assets issue. Also, I don’t have Asset Optimization enabled. Rather than assets, it looks like a submodule issue. See below. Can this ticket be escalated? Thank you.

fatal: Fetched in submodule path ‘cors-anywhere’, but it did not contain 70aaa22b3f9ad30c8566024bf25484fd1ed9bda9. Direct fetching of that commit failed.

Please don’t cross-post on multiple threads @dyudis314, especially when it is completely unrelated. I have responded on the thread you created Error checking out submodules: Submodule 'cors-anywhere'

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