SSL DNS Trouble

Hi, I’m having trouble setting up my website. I thought I had followed all the instructions for the DNS and SSL but it’s taken way longer than 24 hours now. I’m not sure what I did wrong.

Hi, @dschawel. It looks like it is working now (if I’m looking at the right site).

My best guess is that the issue had to do with time to live values in the previous records. That is only a guess though. There is more information about this here:

If is still isn’t working would you please tell us either the site id or the domain name? If so, we’ll be happy to research the issue.

Hi @luke it does look like the site is deployed but I’m not sure why I’m not seeing just a blank white screen. I should be seeing a portfolio. The domain name is

Hi, @dschawel, this is what I see there:

If you are not seeing that, are there errors in the network tab or the javascript console of developer tools? If there are errors, please share them here and we’ll be happy to take a look.