Speeding up build times by caching assets

I’d like to speed up build times by caching assets between builds. I noticed there was a Gatsby Netlify plug-in that does something like this, I think it moves a .cache folder between adjacent builds.

I download a bunch of frontend libraries on npm install and I’m looking for a way to cache these between builds because it takes a long time compared to building the site.

Is there a way to do this for non Gatsby sites? Could just use the Gatsby plugin or would I need to do it some other way?

Hey mjgs! welcome to netlify. Yes, there is a gatsby plugin you can try - (if you need support with that, please post in #Netlify-support:build-plugins)

But first, here is a stack of information about caching - you shouldn’t have to do a fresh install every time, really. We defininitely cache dependencies between subsequent builds (unless something is configured differently than it should be)
maybe these are helpful: