Site unreachable upon refresh

The site is suddenly unreachable. There wasn’t any build errors and it was working at one point. First only certain links on refresh were unreachable but now the entire site is unreachable. Not sure what’s going on.


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The FetchEvent for “” resulted in a network error response: an object that was not a Response was passed to respondWith().

Have you tried downloading your deploy to see what files there are, and where?

hmm, this is odd.

Can you try deploying the same code to a different netlify site, please, and see if the error persists?


I actually fixed the problem. The problem was with configuring the gatsby-plugin-offline. Apparently, and to cache correctly, I had to use a global pattern to make sure HTML files were included. Oddly, I didn’t have to do that before but then again I changed a lot building this site. To make offline access even better, I had it match all static files as well. The cache is larger and slightly slower on initial load but faster on subsequent loading plus it now adds the icon to Android phones.

Thanks for getting back to me.



Hey @billp72,

I can’t seem to get my configuration correct for gatsby-plugin-offline, if you have a moment would you mind posting your configuration to make sure the HTML files are included?

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hey @dennycunningham, i moved your thread over:)

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