Setting up Netlify CMS for blog only, on existing self-hosted Jekyll site

I’m fairly new to Netlify CMS, and I’m looking at adding a blog to an existing site that is made with Jekyll. I’ve got everything set up and working, but I’m trying to understand how to configure this so that when blog posts are added/edited those will be updated but the site is still hosted elsewhere (Ionos specifically).

The Netlify app is at The repo it’s connected to is at

I’ve got build settings right now as ‘bundle exec jekyll build’ with directory as _site, but I believe I should just maybe leave those empty? Thanks in advance!

As long as your Netlify site is updating, you’ve done the setup correctly. While it would work for any workflow that rebuilds your website once your repo is updated, if you need to edit and make changes without using Netlify, you might have to take a look at this: