Setting up email with a completely different service provider

So, we have bought the domain ( with GoDaddy and we are hosting the web app on Netlify (

Right now we are trying to set up email account with Zoho Mail, which is free. When I update the MX records on Godaddy, the name servers are getting modified and not pointing to Netlify. However, on the other side when I change the name servers on Godaddy’s DNS platform to point correctly point to our Netlify web app, we are not able to insert/update MX records on the DNS. [Reason being the name servers of the domain on Godaddy are pointing to an external place (Netlify)]

Anyone knows how we can set up a free email service (possibly with Zoho mail) pointing to our domain (hosted on Godaddy) while our web app is hosted on Netlify?

[If not Zoho Mail then any alternatives that work is an option as well]
Thank you in advance!

Hi there! This Support guide is the best place to get started with information on dealing with email on Netlify:

If you still have questions after working through this guide, we suggest you try the search, as many people have already asked questions on this topic. If still no luck, let us know and we can troubleshoot with you.

Dear perry, thank you so much for your reply. I am currently having issue with this Moving domain printing within Netlify platform
Could you please help me with it? Or at least point me to the direction how I might be able to solve it? Thank you in advance.

@somdipdey You need to figure out which you want to keep, then go to the dashboard in the other one and delete the DNS records or the whole site/build.

You also need to reflect these changes in the GoDaddy DNS. Right now, you have a half-and-half issue that is never going to work. Get rid of what you don’t need and fix up the one you are keeping.