Self-service unlink repository from site instance

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do not believe there is any capability within the Netlify administrative UI to “Unlink the site repository”. This is especially useful if you want to (for whatever reason) switch to using “Drag & Drop” deployment.

When I have needed to perform this in the past, I have done so by creating a new secondary site instance and manually migrating any applicable site configuration.

@coelmay has just pointed out to me (in this thread) that it’s possible via the API (Netlify API documentation), although it is listed as [Beta].

Considering the availability of the functionality in the API, (and subsequently the CLI), it would be ideal if this could also be actioned from within the UI.

I’m aware that this is a partial duplicate of this request, but it seems to have gone off tangent and been handled more like a regular support request rather than a feature request.

Hi, @nathanmartin. I did reply in the other thread as well with this information and want to make sure I replied here as well.

The API endpoint was created to support a UI method to do this but it was released before the UI changes have been. In the meantime, please do feel free to use the API itself to unlink repos while the work to update the web UI to support that API endpoint continues.


Thanks Luke, great to see this one was already in the works!

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this just surfaced in another thread, but we implemented the functionality to unlink repos a little while ago, so i am closing this feature request. More details here:

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