Self-hosted Netlify CMS instance

I have a Svelte/Sapper site that’s working fine and hosted on Netlify and using Netlify CMS. However, my employer wants the site to be served from its server. Again, I’ve set it up and it’s working fine on nginx server with node, but I can’t figure out how to set up the Netlify CMS instance on the server. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? An example, a walkthrough?

While it is possible to self-host Netlify CMS, I’d instead recommend setting up a custom domain for your Netlify site.

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Thanks, but that’s not my decision. Most of the references I come across for setting up an external oauth backend with netlify-CMS just presume a level of knowledge and understanding I don’t have.

Hey @roro,
Setting up Netlify CMS with a self-hosted backend is very technically involved. At a high level, you need to make your own version of Netlify’s build and deploy process: have all the dependencies you need to build your site, integrate with github/gitlab and listen for changes to your git repository, and then automatically publish when those changes happen.

It’s also beyond the scope of what we can help with in this forum since we are helping people get set up on the Netlify platform- to the extent that people are using Netlify CMS on the Netlify platform, we are happy to help troubleshoot the connection between the two, help with DNS, etc. But since we specialize in Netlify the platform’s own build and deploy process, we can’t advise on how your custom version will work. Tutorials to the rescue! This is a good one for hosting on Ubuntu:

If you get stuck, the Netlify CMS Slack may be able to help:

Thanks for your response, jen, and sorry so late getting back. In the end we got things up and running by running an instance of this oauth app to manage connections to the CMS, and thus to GitHub). Took a fair amount of experimentation but it works, and pretty well. Cheers!

Nice! Thanks so much for sharing.