Redirect only working without query params

Hey Netlify folks!

I’m having a weird issue where a redirect like example 1 below works… but example 2 doesn’t.
The only difference I see is defining the query params. And I kinda need it to work WITH them due to marketing tags, app use etc.

Example 1

/join/signup    301!

Example 2

/join/signup    payMode=:payMode _ga=:_ga itm_source=:itm_source itm_campaign=:itm_campaign itm_medium=:itm_medium itm_content=:itm_content itm_term=:itm_term    301!

Any idea what I can do? :woman_shrugging:

PS: all redirect rules pass the Netlify rule checker :ok_hand:

Thanks :smiley:

Edits: woops :sweat_smile:

hi there, before we dig in, could you look through this comprehensive Support Guide and see if it contains relevant info for you?

@perry That’s a cool guide, ty!
But I’ve already checked these things that are relevant to me:

  1. I’ve looked at the Netlify console for the site in question, no errors on the deployment of the redirect rules, number of total rules processed/deployed was correct!
  2. I’ve ensured my syntax is correct by using the Netlify Redirects playground as I’ve mentioned already (

Hey @andezzat,

Can you try and remove all of the spaces (except 1) between /join/signup and payMode=:payMode?