Redirect API / Proxy - NOT WORKING!

Also it work on Heroku but hey plans very expensive, also work o. Postman. My logout route is very clear and work :slight_smile: exports.logout = catchAsyncErrors(async (req, res, next) => {
res.clearCookie(‘token’, { httpOnly: true });
success: true,
message: “Излязохте успешно”,

Feel free to share a HAR file in which the cookie isn’t getting cleared and I am fairly sure I would find this not being a Netlify issue. With the HAR file, I’d be able to show you why that’s the case.

You was right :sweat_smile:. Im sorry mate wasted your time and thank you a lot for your help . I solved the issue, it wasn’t a netlify issue and how I said you was right :/. The issue was very simple which i didn’t saw before. The logout route was GET request on the backend, I change it to POST and now it work as expected. Im sorry again and thank you very much, I can keep styling the frontend :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

glad you were able to resolve your issue!