React App, Netlify deploy from GitHub not deploying

hey there!

A couple of things are going on here we’re gonna want to iron out.

First, it seems like you are doing quite a bit of linting (error checking) on deploy - that’s not what is causing your build error, but it is good practice to only deploy code that has passed linting locally :smiley:

Secondly, this is possibly related but maybe not:

9:17:08 PM: Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime
9:17:08 PM: Failed to compile.

our standard runtime for builds is 15 minutes.

unless your site is large, it should really build under that limit -

But i wonder if the linting you are doing is slowing us down (which is why i say maybe related) and we are hitting that 15 min ceiling as a result.

If i were you i’d lint locally, remove that process from my production build process, and try and see if that cuts your build time down to under 15 min.

Some other resources: