Question about Netlify plugins

I was wondering if the plugins work in manual deployments?

I am currently using Publii CMS to generate my website. Publii makes use of the Netlify APi to send the files and build the site.

The thing is, I just installed the AMP Server-Side Rendering plugin but in the Deploy log I don’t see any build reference of the plugin.

This is the Deploy log of my last deployment with the AMP Server-Side Rendering plugin installed.

4:51:22 PM: Creating deploy upload records
4:52:15 PM: Starting post processing
4:52:15 PM: Post processing - HTML
4:52:25 PM: Post processing - header rules
4:52:25 PM: Post processing - redirect rules
4:52:25 PM: Post processing done
4:52:25 PM: Site is live :sparkles:

Hey @cumlaude,
Sorry for the long delay here! The answer to your question is no, build plugins will not work with manual deploys. They are designed to hook into different events during the site’s build process, but with manual deploys you’re deploying already-built files so there are no build hooks for our plugins to hook into. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Thanks for replying @Jen

Does that mean asset optimization doesn’t count for manual deployments either?

Hey @cumlaude,
That’s my understanding- no asset optimization on manual deploys. But snippet injections should work, even with manual deploys.

Yes, the snippet injection works perfectly. Thanks for the answers.

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Wrong !
If you drag and drop a folder on Deploys page, Asset Optimization works, except for JS minify, see this bug (Minify JS not working - #15 by madsenfr).