Publication names shown in lowercase

Hi All,

I am building a personal website using the Academic theme for Hugo. I have generated a list of publications, and everything renders fine except for the author’s names associated with each publication.

When I build and debug the website on my laptop, the names are shown in the correct case (i.e., title case). However, once I commit my updates, execute Netlify deploy command, and then view the live website, the author names are all lower case.

I’m very new to this, so I would appreciate some help. Also, apologies if I did not correctly explain the problem.

hmm, i am not 100% sure i follow. Do you have a screenshot or a live site we can look at to make things more clear?

As soon as anyone mentions uppercase/lowercase, it is important to note that if you are using mac or windows to build locally, you are working on a case insensitive system. Our build network, however, runs on linux which is a case-sensitive system.

More on that here. I’m not 100% convinced the two are connected, but it is good to rule it out.