Process Only For New And Edited File?

Dear All

When my blog grows to thousand posts, is it possible to process only for new and edited file rather than whole thousands files?


hi @BayuAngora, give this post on Netlify’s caching system a read through. It should answer most of your questions, i think! If you need more specific information after the fact, let us know!

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Thanks for source. It helps a lot. By the way, is that process (on the source above) run automatically or I need to add more additional tweak?

The topic above doesn’t cover how to do incremental builds using your build tools - it only talks about how to prevent forcing file changes on every build. Some build tools force all files to be unique every build and that is what the topic focuses on changing.

Whether or not the build itself is reprocessing thousands of post will be determined by the site code and the static site generation tools being used.

How is your site being built and does that tool or toolchain support incremental builds? Which static site generator is being used?

If you tell us more about how the site is built, we might be able to suggest ways to do incremental builds with those tools.

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I use Hugo now. And yes, if we change structure file (such layouts), then it needs to regenerate all content inside it to match the new layout structure.