Prerendering Vue app not working correctly on Netlify

I added prerendering to my vue.js application by configuring prerender-spa-plugin. The pre-rendered sites work fine (i.e, but when I route to a non-prerendered site, it loads the root page first and then redirects to the correct route i.e

Here is my vue.config.js

module.exports = {
  configureWebpack: config => {
        new PrerenderSPAPlugin({
            // Required - The path to the webpack-outputted app to prerender.
            staticDir: path.join(__dirname, 'dist'),
            // Required - Routes to render.
            routes: [ '/', '/about', '/products/23', '/products/2', '/products/8', '/products/18', '/products/15', '/products/11', '/products/7', '/products/42', '/products/41', '/products/40', '/products/30', '/products/127', '/products/39', '/products/32', '/products/6', '/products/26', '/products/114' ],
            renderer: new Renderer({
                renderAfterElementExists: '#app',
                renderAfterTime: 5000,
                headless: true

In order to make history router-mode work on Netlify, I had to add a _redirects file to my /public folder with the following content: /* /index.html 200

What am I missing? Why is the root page / loading before redirecting to a non-prerendered route?

hi there, sorry to hear you aren’t getting prerendering to work.

this would be the first suggestion i would make: