PHP file not serving

Hi, I need your help with something.
I have put a form in one of my site subdirectories.
In the contact.html.
And happens that when the submit button is clicked, supposedly, a contact-form-handler.php should be served, so that the form could work.
But your site said:“Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on this site.”, when I’m sure that’s not true, there is a file with that name in the site’s root directory.
I hope you can help me…
I know you’ve your own forms, and that I can past it in my html code, but I’m not interested, because it dont actually e-mail me the content, just warn me in the site it self.

Nelson Ramos.

@rameiras23 Welcome to the Netlify community.

Netlify does not serve PHP pages, so that process is never going to work. You can serve HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Anything else, and you’ll need to find another way of doing it.

Hi, @rameiras23, what @gregraven says is correct. We have more about this in this support guide topic:

To summarize, you can use PHP during the site build only. There is no PHP application server running for the deployed site so this code won’t be run with our service.

​Please let us know if there are other questions about this.